Our mission is “to extend the life of the earth an additional 1,000 years”

Basic Philosophy

“Great Environmentally Friendly Chemicals”“Improvement in Quality while Reducing Cost”“Achievement of the Coexistence of Environment and Economy”Basic Philosophy

We, Unical set up our three mottos “Great Environmentally Friendly Chemicals”, “Improvement in Quality while Reducing Cost”, and “Achievement of the Coexistence of Environment and Economy” through development of cleaning agent for metal based on our basic philosophy “Original Technology”, “Environmental Protection”, “Customers First”. In order to achieve our target, we would like to do our best and keep hearing our customers’ voices without forgetting the heart of “struggling against difficulties for the sake of vengeance” and hungry spirit.

Action for SDGs
Reasons why Unical's products are chosen.
Company Introduction
Patent certificate based on rescue of the earth which is basis of Unical’s cleaning principle.

Cleaning agent, Film agent, Cleaning equipment, Chemicals, Pickling agent, Unical Co., Ltd.

Hashimoto Factory
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