Privacy Policy

nical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the “Company”) hereby acknowledges that as an enterprises handling personal information, the Company is responsible for appropriately protecting and handling the personal information of all customers, suppliers, shareholders, and people related to the Company, and a such social responsibility is an indispensable factor in the promotion if corporate activities. The Company shall, therefore, protect and handle personal information in accordance with the following policies:

  1. When the Company obtains any personal information, the Company shall obtain a prior consent to the purpose of use or clarify it on our website. Also the Company shall collect information within the necessary scope through lawful and fair means when obtaining any personal information.
  2. The Company shall establish a management system related to the protection of personal information, such as countermeasures against unauthorized access and computer viruses, and at the same time the Company shall implement the measures to prevent the disclosure, loss, or falsification of such personal information.
  3. The Company shall make sure if personal information is gained in an appropriate way and treated in the contract when we obtained personal information indirectly.
  4. The Company shall take prompt action when receiving a request to disclose, revise, or suspend the use of personal information managed by the Company after required points to be confirmed.
  5. Except for justifiable reasons when required to disclose personal information pursuant to laws and regulations, the Company shall not provide nor disclose any personal information to any third party without your prior permission.
  6. The Company shall make arrangements that obligate protection of personal information with the outsourced companies in order to control them to protect personal information properly.
    • Personal information will be used only when it is necessary for accomplishment of work by the person who is given authority on specific work within the scope of the collecting purpose.
    • The Company will do not leak personal information such as using it for other purpose, taking it out from usual using place, or sending it outside.
    • The employees will not make behavior such as disclosing personal information that is obtained by the work to third party, using for illegal purpose. And we will also take necessary measures even though they part from the post about that work.
  7. The Company shall observe any laws and regulations regarding protection of personal information and will update this privacy policy from time to time in our website.
  8. If you have any inquiry about the personal information protection policies, please contact us as follows.

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